Saturday, 26 December 2015


Cheryl’s role is that of sacrificial lamb and the part will always place certain requirements on her, purity being chief among them. Ever since her days winning beauty contests beneath the glare of dazzling stage spotlights, it’s the wide-eyed gaze of innocence that beguiles the judges. The sound of her voice is all very well but it's the dimples on her cheeks that are what nudges the scorecards up to the heavens. What’s needed from Cheryl is the look of a blank canvas. Her hair is naturally dark which is fine for her as she’s the only member of Girls Aloud to carry off the look without any helping hand from bleached highlights. In group photos it tends to be her in the middle, with her pale skin and piercing stare stopping the camera dead in its tracks, so when the copybook is blotted with her ugly assault conviction then it creates a double exposure on all these images. The babe in the woods is overlaid with the image of a drug fueled binge drinker. Those few seconds between her vacating the toilet cubicle at Drink nightclub and landing the punch on Sophie Amogbokpa are so loaded with potential. That blink of an eye sees her gaze over the cliff edge, to see the girl most likely to succeed lying dead on the floor below.

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