Tuesday, 15 December 2015


It’s Saturday night on January 11th 2003, and Cheryl’s out with a group of friends on the razzle dazzle at the Drink nightclub in Guildford, Surrey. They’re all in the highest of high spirits, what with their newly anointed pop band Girls Aloud being the toast of prime time TV show Pop Stars: The Rivals. Cheryl’s whole life always seemed to be leading up to this moment: her working-class council estate childhood roots in Newcastle, her gamine beauty landing her modelling contracts and advertising roles, playground popularity and prettiest-girl prizes, all of it leading her up to the ultimate prize of Celebrity. Now she stands to be immortalised in entertainment by pop stardom. But first she’s gonna get royally fucked up and no mistake. Vodka and Red Bull, wine and free champagne are all flowing, and the eyes of everyone in the club are on her. She’s drunk and she’s paranoid. Cheryl and Nicola share a cubicle in the Drink toilets.

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