Thursday, 17 December 2015


Cheryl is escorted from the Drink club and she spends the next ten hours in police custody. During all that time alone in the cell, our would-be superstar can reflect on the sorry circumstances that have brought her here. Coldness and silence bring clarity. Girls Aloud are presented as that most archly self-aware of manufactured groups, from their punning band name to the very title of their number one debut hit ‘The Sound of the Underground’, so it’s catastrophic for one of their number to be mixed up in the chaos of a sordid set-to like this. Calls are made and lawyers are hired, but all the while Cheryl knows nothing of the machinations behind the scenes. In here, as the effects of alcohol and narcotics begin to wear off, she’s thrown back into a familiar game of self-analysis and second-guesses at what the reaction of others might be. Her mascara has run all down her cheeks and she contemplates what a state she must look. Earlier tonight so much time and effort were spent achieving an immaculate front that to end the evening in this way just seems absurd. Cheryl cries, and the sounds of her despair echo around the walls of her prison.

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