Sunday, 17 January 2016


She leans forward at the sink to steady herself, gazing blankly at her reflection staring back from the mirror. Nicola’s busy with a jar of lollipops by the desk in the corner. All Cheryl wants to do is to get rid of this stultifying tension that’s seized her nerves and is threatening to burst out in a flash of anger. The eyes of her reflection gaze out with a studied blankness, her pupils dilated and the irises blazing a brilliant blue. Still unsteadily, Cheryl focuses. That blueness of her eyes is the shimmering calm of a deep sea, a space of oneness and tranquility inviting her to spend all of eternity lost inside it, forever and ever. All those frets of hers suddenly seem so silly when faced with that almighty hue, the worries of the workaday world falling away like the skin of a beautiful fresh fruit proffered before her. As she returns the stare of those two luscious blue orbs, the Drink nightclub toilets seem to melt away and dissolve into a blissful state of pure chromatic pleasure. Cheryl could swim in those eyes until the end of all time.

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